FLVR Combo Pack


Nasty North
01. Live Fast (feat. Royce Da 5’9″, Joey Karma & Jay PuzzLe)
02. Back At It (feat. Benny The Butcher, Mike Sherm & Elcamino)
03. All Day, Every Day (feat. Ghosties, Moka Only & Jinx TK)
04. Gettin Mine (feat. Choclair, Mr. ESQ & Aiwass)
05. Lose Control (feat. Jarren Benton & Mo’Dirt)
06. Get Some (feat. Mr. ESQ, King Benz & Chief $upreme)
07. Paper Planes (feat. Prada West, Mo’Dirt, Konfidential & PlanB-Strik9)
08. Big Deal (feat. Mike Sherm & Posta)
09. The Villager (feat. Switch, Jinx TK & Joey Karma)
10. Put It On (feat. Bishop Brigante, Chief $upreme & Ali Austin)
11. St. Da FLVR (feat. Jay PuzzLe & Superstah Snuk)
12. Open Your Eyes (feat. Joey Karma, PlanB-Strik9 & Aiwass)

Gods & Titans
01. The Anthem (feat. Mike Sherm, Larceny, PlanB-Strik9, Chief $upreme & Ghosties)
02. War (feat. PlanB-Strik9, Keith Murray & Mike Sherm)
03. Rap Kings (feat. Ghosties, Mike Sherm, Chief $upreme & KXNG Crooked)
04. Pop Off (feat. Mike Sherm, Jadakiss, Larceny & Young Kazh)
05. Gods & Titans (feat. Hustla Jones, PlanB-Strik9, Mike Sherm, Chief $upreme, Ghosties & Larceny)
06. No One (feat. Royce Da 5’9″, Chief $upreme & PlanB-Strik9)
07. Gangsta Shit (feat. Chief $upreme, Kurupt, Hustla Jones & Horseshoe G.A.N.G.)
08. Like Me (feat. Hustla Jones, Mike Sherm 7 PlanB-Strik9)
09. Haters (feat. Larceny, Evil Ebenezer, PlanB-Strik9 & KXNG Crooked)
10. Planet Smashers (feat. Canibus, PlanB-Strik9 & Ghosties)
11. Kick Drum (feat. PlanB-Strik9, aLonestar & Chief $upreme)
12. So Fresh, So Fly (Remix) (feat. Hustla Jones, Mike Sherm, Chief $upreme & Trub Skeet)